TBA Image Area in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport-05

TBA Image Area in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport-05

Taiwan’s beauty industry began with a few local brands such as Ming Sing Floral Water, a long-time favorite with elder people in Taiwan, and Pressed Power made by Marutake Cosmetics. These Taiwan made products were quite popular during the early days. Technical cooperation between Taiwanese and foreign brands that started in 1958, also contributed to the development of the Taiwanese beauty industry.

With famous international brands from Europe, the US, and Japan leading the global beauty trends, foreign beauty products eventually entered the Taiwan market by aligning with local companies between 1981 and 1990. Shortly after, the Taiwan market was flooded with beauty products from different international brands.

The Taiwan beauty industry has however remained a longstanding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner of many international cosmetic brands due to its expertise, advanced technology and globally recognized high product quality.

Several local TV shows have been providing skin care tips, and discussing the latest fashion and beauty trends for many years. These shows are very popular, with beauty experts as guests that teach female viewers how to make their own DIY (do it yourself) skincare products. Some of the guests are beauty trendsetters that have made DIY products a fashion wave. Many of them have also started successful businesses.

Many consumers are nowadays more conscious of their skin requirements unlike before.  This partly explains the emergence the many new Taiwanese cosmetic brands in recent years. 

Since the local medical technology industry is a leader in Asia and among the top three in the world, Taiwan has a global influence on beauty and skin care. Taiwanese cosmetic products are made using the most advanced technologies in medicine and biotechnology, are fashionable, environmentally friendly and are made under very strict factory procedures.  

Today, Taiwan has many homegrown beauty brands that supply safe and effective products that have become a favorite for many visitors.

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